Monday, August 9, 2010

LOTW - 9 Aug 2010

It's Singapore's National Day today! Happy 45th birthday Singapore!

How to win at Rock Paper Scissors -Not really relevant but it helps you beat your younger nephews and nieces at RPS.

How Yahoo does MySql HA - A blog post by Jay Jessen a MySql Guru at Yahoo.

Seven Open Solaris Home server tips  -  Tips for building an OpenSolaris homeserver with links to other peoples builds. Someone even used an EEEPC as a homeserver. Anyway I thought ZFS was cool stuff, just hope that Oracle can continue with OpenSolaris and start putting out releases. Nexenta looks like a good replacement.

IBM and DBS on the Jul 5th outage - On Jul 5th, DBS atms went down for for a period of almost 7 hours disrupting services, this is the report that attempts to explain why the outage occurs.

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