Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Learning VIM

I have been an Emacs user most of my life, every since my Polytechnic days when I was introduced to LISP (or the Language Inspired by So many Parenthesis, Yeah i came up with that!).

I decided that finally I was going to learn VIM properly, why VIM since I know emacs? Most of  my free time now is spent on a Netbook specifically the ASUS 1000H, small light netbook with an Atom processor and 2GB of ram. So i wanted a light editor. Anyway I am mostly doing PHP and Python stuff, so an Editor is probably good enough no need for some really fancy IDE.

I am starting a Cookbook for VIM at Google Docs to write down all the VIM commands that I use on a daily basis, perhaps it can serve as a reference for those who are learning VIM but don't know what commands might be useful.

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