Monday, August 23, 2010

LOTW - 23 Aug 2010

Oracle Sues Google - This must be the big thing this past week.
CNet's Report has a copy of the letter from Oracle's lawyers.
Top 5 grievances with Oracle -  A list of complaints about oracle and open source.
James Gosling foretold
Google saying that Oracle's suit is baseless.

Writing an operating system -  Something that I always wanted to try. Lets put that in the todo list !

F# in Visual Studio - Functional programming is getting lots of press these days, for the JVM; Clojure and Scala and for .Net F#, the video shows how F# can be use most effectively and introduces F# features like parallelism, succinct expressive syntax, rich access to .NET libraries.

You can get the beta Windows 7 Phone developer tools already. Singapore is one of the launch countries so we will have our own application marketplace here.

Scott Hanselman in his 56th Weekly source code talks about the Visual Studio 2010 training kit and some of the cool stuff in there. I was particularly interested in the Parallel Framework

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