Monday, October 11, 2010

LOTW - 11 Oct 2010

Design Principles Behind Smalltalk - One of the most influential language although it didn't become popular. Java, Ruby all draw inspiration from it. If you are a programmer you owe it to yourself to go try Smalltalk. Squeak and Pharos are probably the more famous of the free implementation around.

Google's answers to Oracle's allegations

Doing quite a bit of PHP programming these days so there are the few links that might be useful
Using Emacs to edit php files
Geben + XDebug to debug php code on emacs -  Haven tried this, so far with PHP, doing print statements still works for me.

AptOnCD Backs up all the packages that you have installed, making it easy to restore your packages instead of downloading them all again.

Monday, October 4, 2010

LOTW - 4 Oct 2010

A really simple introduction to Map Reduce - Great intro to what Mappers, Groupers and Reducers are all about. I was scratching my head about Map Reduce before this came about.

How big are Facebook's data centers? This FAQ will tell you all that you need to know including servers, software, location and expansion plans.

Google URL shortener opens for business

Heard of the Arduino, unknown to me there is actually a Netdunio yeap, and it runs on .Net. Scott Hanselman talks about it.