Monday, September 6, 2010

LOTW - 6 Sept 2010

Yahoo releases the Yahoo YUI Testing Interface it allows running to units tests in different browsers simultaneously.
    The first step is to start from 37 signals - If you want to start something, just start, dont worry about it. As Yoda says "Do there is no try". Good advice for me ...

    James Gosling creates a "Free Java from Oracle" t-shirt. Frankly I wonder what if Java was free from the beginning, would it reach the popularity that it has today? Look at those with ISO like organizations behind it like C++ or Ecmascript, they tend to have abit too much political maneuvering and arguing and it take a long time for them to agree on standards. For the one person system that Python, Ruby have, the seem to lack the mass acceptance that Java commands (because SUN was backing it up those days), yeap they are popular but are they really being used a lot in the Enterprise space?

    Scott Hanselman talks about 2 tools he use for a more readable web, Instapaper and Readablility.

    Google Code University  - Offers courses on C++, Python, Android, Web security, lots of good stuff comes with slides, assignments and videos.

    Let's face it programmers are probably not the best designers in the world (me included), hope the following 2 links can help out.

    20 useful free pdf books for designers and bloggers

    10 resources for design challenged programmers

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