Monday, September 20, 2010

LOTW - 20 Sept 2010

I missed last weeks LOTW due to lots of work and basically I was lazy haha, so this week gonna do a bumper issue. Enjoy

97 things every programmer should know - I guess most would already know about this, every programmer should go read what's in there, there are so many pearls of wisdom, now we have a video by Kevlin Henney at the keynote at jazoon talking about. Slides can be found at the video link.

Epic failures: 11 infamous software bugs

Google is going to release Wave in a Box, an installable version of Google Wave, since they have decided to discontinue Google Wave. The version is not going to have all the features of the original wave, but they are going to support federated across other Google wave boxes.

Lisp cabinet - For those who wants to tinkle with Common Lisp "Lisp Cabinet is a set of configuration files, tools and utilites bundled with automated installer to deliver full-fledged Emacs based Lisp development environment for Microsoft Windows"

Check out all the cool videos from NDC 2010 in this torrent
interested to hear Uncle Bob and Mike Cohn speak, Uncle Bob's slides from his Clean Code I Args are here.

Lamda the Ultimate has two posts that focus on Software Transactional Memory, one post quotes from a study that STM actually helps reduce errors as compared to the traditional locking model, while the other post talks about the support for STM in .NET and the decisions they have to make. I haven't really tried STM yet in any language, but basing modifications around a database like transactional model can probably make understanding and programming easier.

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