Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One hour early a day...

My latest read is Robin Sharma's book (The Leader who had no title), interesting read. But one statement struck me (I more or less paraphrase it)

"If you wake up one hour early each day for a month, in 30 days you will have almost one weeks worth of working time, think of the things you could do"

When i told this to some of my colleagues/friends they say wha sleep less one hour how ? Not enough time to sleep already.

"You have enough time to sleep when you are dead" 

I guess this is the difference between people who do impressive/great things (physically fit, be it in doing voluntary work, open source projects, making lots of money, hobbies, making a difference, side business, execise often) and the rest of us. They spent the time not just dreaming and talking about it but actually doing it. I am not actually saying that you forgo sleep altogether but think of the possibilities that could happen if you think about how to spend your time wisely.

At the end of our life, lets not spend time regretting what it might have been, or what we might have done better.

Remember the saying that you need 10,000 hours to become good at what u do, maybe i should start doing things instead of writing things on my blog :)

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