Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reflections on 2010

Well 2010 has come and soon will be gone, so time to look back.

I have been married for 2 years now although there are ups and downs but I am happy that I have a nice wife and a cute (and she continues to amaze me everyday) daughter.

Being a father does entail some sacrifices, no longer will you have "your" time, but rather it will be the "family's" time or more accurately the "baby's" time. But the smile of Chloe when she see you wake up and when she is scared and runs to hugs you ( only when the mum in law not around) makes it all worth while. But as for having another one .... lets wait and see :)

Hdb finally decides to give me my house, and it is in the process of renovating, left the painting and the carpentry to be done and it should be ready to move in.

Work wise has been good, finally saw a project from the start to the OSAT phase, couldn't see it all the way to the end though, got rope into another project, as a Software Develop ment Manager, its sort of like a Project Lead kinda thing. Challenging though because the project had already been running for sometime before I came in and there are lots of stuff that I need to pick up and be very familiar with. I am aware of the Peter Principle and the Dilbert Principle, hope that this is not the end yet :)

On more personal note, I have been trying to pick up the Diatonic Harmonica, practicing while waiting for my wife to go off work. Always sort of regretted that I never did pick up a musical instr ument, haha now trying to catch up. Seems like a lot of people around my age are playing catch up in music, I know a few who are trying to pick up the piano, trumpet and the violin. 

Hope to play like this guy below someday!

or even this guy!

Till the next time...

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